In & Out of Symmetry


"My work in this series is an individual journey, a metaphor and demonstration of the desire for order and the liberation of being free; symmetry and asymmetry. I strive for visual harmony, oscillating between the ordered and the chaotic, dramatically realizing the effect of change. Through my art, I explore the tension between the safety in structure and a deep yearning to trust the non-linear unfolding of life and ultimately to fully participate in the vivid journey we share. The genesis of each piece in this collection is an abstract form. I use two and three-dimensional computation to combine, duplicate, weave and arrange this form into intricate layers, creating experiences of symmetry and order. These complex combinations have the computational value of a circle, wherein the circle is representative of Bindu, the sacred symbol of the cosmos, the point where creation begins. I then unleash these pure forms into asymmetry and chaos resulting in an expression of deliverance – a freedom that is infinite and extends beyond the visible material world. Each resulting piece ultimately extends beyond its own boundaries, unfolding into infinity.


Further expanding the concepts of unpredictability and controlled chaos,  I am currently working on a new series in which I 3d scan forms with the typical set of intended social meaning influenced by nature, history and current tevents to deconstruct them to create new forms and build new relationships."





Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Daksh Sahni has spent the past 13 years in Los Angeles, California. He received his bachelors degree in Architecture in New Delhi, and a Masters degree in Architecture with a focus on design computation from the University of California, Los Angeles. Sahni has studied and worked with prominent artists including Greg Lynn and Bill Seaman. Sahni's student work was unveiled at the Venice Biennale (2000) and featured in numerous global publications. An art-science hybrid, Sahni’s work bridges the space between architecture, art and product design, merging the digital with thephysical. Sahni’s career is expansive, ranging from his work as a professional architect on award winning projects in India to working as a virtual artist and architect designing environments for the world’s top selling interactive entertainment franchises including Spiderman and Call of Duty. With the use of digital technology combined with more traditional forms of production, Sahni is using aunique and specific voice to present his original works of art.


As he continues to explore the dramatizing effects of illumination on a variety of materials including large scale aluminum panels and stainless steel, he is combining 3d printing and sculpting with traditional fabrication techniques resulting in unique constructions like 3d printed glass filled nylon and resin sculptures electroplated in gold and silver.




2014 August, Group Show, The non-Objective Moment, Gallery 825, curated by Cynthia Penna, ART1307 Gallery

2014 July, Group Show, Cultural Excavation, Gallery 825, curated by Elizabeth James of Cherry & Martin Gallery

2014 June, 360 Energy Technology Pavilion - Dwell on Design, Los Angeles

2014 June,  Solo Show, Breathing & Transforming, HingeParallel Art Gallery, Culver City

2013 August, Solo Show, In & Out of Symmetry, Launch show at Hinge Modern Art Gallery, Culver City



2014 Professional development grant -  Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles



International Association of Experimental Artists

Los Angeles Art Association


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