Product Management –

o  Responsible for managing front-end team to lead product design and development of a configurable VR platform, specific to the healthcare industry, targeting mobile hardware (Oculus Go, Pico G2 4K).

o  Developed & executed product requirements and roadmaps for appliedVRs therapeutic VR products.

o  Collaborated cross-functionally with design, engineering, data science, marketing and sales teams to launch 12 Virtual Reality therapeutic products on multiple VR hardware used in 200+ hospitals.

o  Built strong relationships with team and mentored them through team and execution challenges.

Content Management –

o  Maintained the AVR content product catalog of 100+ titles.

o  Managed releases of both interactive and video content on multiple VR products.

o  Ensured highest visual and performance standards by keeping in mind hardware limitations.

o  Managed contract negotiations and quarterly royalty payments with creators.

Quality Assurance –

o  Responsible for QA planning and execution for all AppliedVR products.

o  Managed a team of 12 QA personnel remotely to deliver 8 VR products simultaneously.

o  Increased efficiency by designing QA tools to help automate the process.

More Details coming soon !