The Orange VR Experience is a collaboration between Orange - a global telecommunications corporation with over 265 million subscribers in 29 countries and Wevr through their Platform as a Service offering. 
I was the key manager and developer on the project from the Wevr side since its inception for a period of 2 years. The collaboration was essentially divided into two phases :
My responsibilities for this phase were as follows:
  • Coordinate the efforts between  multiple teams (Paris and LA) to launch the VR channel on budget on time. 
  • Conceptualize and build out the Orange branded 3D home space to the specifications provided by the Orange team - ensuring that the Orange brand is represented authentically. 
  • Custom encode 11 VR titles licensed by the Orange content division to the specifications of the Samsung gear and HTC Vive devices and managed the release of the titles at the time of launch. 
2D Channel Poster
Launch of the Orange VR Channel within the Transport Platform as a pilot program.
Launch of the Orange VR Experience as independent apps on mobile and PC platforms.
Layout of the 3D Home Space
To create the 3D home space I used a combination of 2 dimensional images and videos inspired by the Orange brand and then designed the 3d layout of the space using Autodesk Maya. All the elements came together in the WVR engine which made playback of this multimedia environment possible in VR. 
This unique approach resulted in the creation of a fun and immersive space which felt alive and interactive. The filesize of the entire 3D homespace with multiple animations playing simultaneously was only 7.5MB, making it very efficient to download  and playback.  
Layout of the 3D Home Space
For this phase, Wevr powered the backend of the Orange VR experience apps. My responsibilities were as follows -
  • Coordinate the efforts between the front end development team (ManzaLab), the Orange HQ team in Paris  and the core engineering team at Wevr with the goal of releasing the Orange VR experience app on multiple platforms - iOs, Cardboard, Oculus Gear and Steam.
  • Custom encode 25 VR titles licensed by Orange content division to the specifications of the iOs, cardboard, Samsung gear and HTC Vive devices and manage the release of the titles.  
  • Manage the creation and implementation of a custom content management system tailored for the use of the Orange corporate team. Collaborate with the engineering team to add new features like Geoblocking, Language support for English, French, Dutch, Polish, Romanian and Spanish languages, researching and creating a system of content profiles for different devices and finally manage a database of mobile device models and associating them with the proper profiles, insuring delivery of the best quality content.
  • Training team Orange in Paris on how to use the CMS and the content processing workflows. 
  • Researching the implementation of adding video subtitles to the platform. 
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