Photogrammetry - Real time workflow - 4

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

The last and final stage of this experiment is to inegrate the optimized asset into the AR and VR workflows. For AR I chose Unity3D with the Vuforia plugin. Before getting to the stage of using the plugin, I had to set up the dev environment on my PC. This required installing appropriate versions of JDK, the Android SDK and providing their locations in Unity 3D and setting up the phone to be in developer mode. Unfortunately, this was not a straightforward process. I wont get into the details of that in this blog and jump straight to the process of working with Vuforia in Unity.

The Vuforia environment provides several options which can be used to attach digital assets to - I picked the Image Target option for this experiment. The image I used was a simple coaster with a pattern I had.

Although the Image got a 5 star rating in the Vuforia Dev portal - I think my choice in image was wrong as it had a repetitive pattern because of which Image detection was not that easy even using the sophisticated Samsung S7 camera. Other than that, the vuforia Unity 3D workflow was pretty straightforward and I was able to get a great result in the end.

Setting up the Image Target and 3D asset in Unity
3D asset augmented over 2d image target