Photogrammetry - Real time workflow - 2

Updated: May 3, 2018

The next step in the experiment is to clean up the asset and retopologize the geometry so that its more efficient and can be used in real time engines. This was done using a free software called InstantMeshes. The retopologized mesh was then reimported into Agisoft Photoscan, where the textures were reprotected onto it. Once this is done, I worked in Substance Painter to do a little texture cleanup work and then bake the base color, normal, roughness and AO maps. Below are some screencaptures from the process described above and some more details about the process....

Instant Mesh - preview showing the direction of quads.
Mesh Retopologized to under a 100k tris from the original 3 million

Once the mesh was optimized, the next step was to reproject the texture UVs on it. This was done in Agisoft again, by opening the original project, deleting the mesh and importing the new optimized version. Using Build Textures - I created another texture map and then I was ready to take the next step which was to clean up the textures and generate the base color, roughness, ao and normal maps for real time use from Substance Painter.

Once the mesh and the maps are ready, the project is now ready to be rendered in a real time engine. Before doing that, I needed to add the wings which were removed from the original scan as they were causing a lot of errors during scanning process. I took a picture of the wings and rebuilt them in maya.

Image of the wings from the sculpture that were modeled and added later.
Wings Geometry - work in progress.

After adding the wings - all assets and textures are now prepared. I next generated some image renders in Maya 2018 using the newly added Arnold renderer and then prepared the real time engine workflow for the sculpture. Proceed to Part 3