Photogrammetry - Real time workflow - 1

Updated: May 3, 2018

After a mildly successful (or beginners luck) attempt at photogrammetry (see the vexed man post) I decided to try the workflow again, this time at home using my SLR camera. I chose a small sculpture (about 7" tall) that had no reflective surfaces as they are not recommended for photogrammetry. After many failed attempts in an outdoor setting, I decided to create a makeshift rig using a lightbox, a small studio light, a tripod and a microwave turntable. The sculpture had wings made out of wires - which were temporarily removed as they caused a lot of errors in the capture.

The chosen sculpture

This time I was able to get a good result compared to the previous attempts and used Agisoft Photoscan to align the photos and build the geometry and texture.

Position of the shots

After analyzing the results, I concluded that I needed to take more pictures from a slightly higher and also a slightly lower angle. The top of the head had some inconsistencies and there is a small hole under the woman's left arm which the camera missed. Will have to address these in the cleanup phase of the process.

L to R - Point Cloud, Generated Mesh, Mesh with texture and Mesh with delit texture

Since I am processing this sculpture to be used in a real time engine, lighting had to be removed from the texture using Agisoft's delighting feature. The generated mesh was over 3 million tris and next step is cleaning up the mesh, retopologizing it and generating the materials. My next blog post will cover the remaining process. Proceed to Part 2