The Vexed Man - Photogrammetry

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

I was at the Getty Center Museum and came across a very expressive sculpture called, "The Vixed Man" by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, an eighteenth-century German sculptor active in Austria. I used my iPhone 7 to capture as much as I could, the sculpture was on a pedestal against a wall so I really could not get to the back. I used AgiSoft Photoscan to build the pointcloud and generate a mesh and maya to clean it up and apply the materials.

Building the mesh in Photoscan based on the various shots taken using the iphone 

Image of the original sculpture (left)  compared to the photogrammetry result (right). 

As you can see, all the shadows and highlights are baked into the texture, not an ideal result as the photos were taken in an illuminated museum environment - ideally the pictures should be taken without any shadows in even lighting so the sculpture can be placed into a real time environment with varying lighting conditions. Ill be exploring this workflow more in future experiments.